Startup Challenge 2024

Africa’s tech landscape is pulsating with potential. Home to countless innovative minds and brimming with burgeoning challenges, the continent presents a fertile ground for transformative solutions. The InnovateAfrika Startup Challenge serves as a catalyst, propelling African entrepreneurs to tackle critical issues across various sectors and propel the continent towards a sustainable and thriving future.

The InnovateAfrika Tech Summit 2024 serves as a launchpad for Africa’s burgeoning tech ecosystem. To further ignite innovation and address critical challenges, we present the InnovateAfrika Startup Challenge, fostering game-changing solutions aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Empowering Change Through Diverse Sectors:

Health & Wellbeing (SDGs 3 & 6):

From AI-powered diagnostics to mobile health platforms, revolutionize healthcare access, disease prevention, and sanitation management.

Challenge: Develop innovative tech solutions for accessible healthcare delivery, disease prevention, and sanitation management.

Education & Skills Development (SDG 4):

Bridge the digital divide and empower future generations with VR/AR/XR-based learning tools, adaptive platforms, and online teacher training resources.

Challenge: Design technology-enabled platforms for equitable and empowering education across Africa.

Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability (SDGs 7 & 13):

Combat climate change and embrace a greener future with smart grids, AI-powered weather forecasting, sustainable waste management platforms, and precision agriculture tools.

Challenge: Create tech solutions for climate resilience, renewable energy adoption, and environmental conservation.

Financial Inclusion & Economic Empowerment (SDGs 1 & 8):

Unlock financial potential and drive economic growth through mobile banking platforms, blockchain-based microfinance solutions, and AI-driven credit scoring tools.

Challenge: Develop fintech solutions for financial literacy, access to credit, and digital payments in underserved communities.

Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment (SDG 5):

Bridge the gender gap and empower women with digital platforms for financial inclusion and entrepreneurship, mobile apps for safety and health, educational tools for STEM skills development, and mentorship networks.

Challenge:Create tech solutions that promote gender equality, empower women and girls, and address gender-based challenges.

Smart Cities & Infrastructure Development (SDG 11):

Build modern, efficient cities with smart transportation systems, waste collection optimization tools, IoT-based infrastructure monitoring, and citizen engagement platforms.

Challenge: Design tech solutions for urban planning, resource management, and improved access to essential services.

Agriculture & Food Security (SDGs 2 & 12):

Enhance agricultural productivity, reduce food waste, and promote sustainable food systems with precision agriculture tools, AI-powered farm management platforms, and food traceability systems.

Challenge: Develop tech-enabled solutions to enhance agricultural productivity, reduce food loss and waste, and promote sustainable food systems.

Governance & Transparency (SDG 16):

Foster accountable and transparent governance with e-government platforms, blockchain-based voting systems, anti-corruption tools, citizen feedback apps, and open data initiatives.

Challenge:Design tech solutions that enhance government transparency, accountability, and citizen participation.

Creative Industries & Cultural Heritage (SDG 11.4):

Preserve and celebrate African culture with digital platforms for showcasing and selling art, VR/AR/XR experiences for heritage preservation, online marketplaces for creative goods, and tools for digital storytelling.

Challenge:Harness technology to promote African arts, culture, and heritage, and create sustainable income opportunities for creatives.

Manufacturing & Industry (SDG 9):

Boost productivity and create sustainable jobs with robotics and automation systems, AI-powered supply chain management, 3D printing technologies, IoT-enabled quality control systems, and e-commerce platforms for African-made products.

Challenge:Develop innovative tech solutions to boost manufacturing productivity, create jobs, and foster sustainable industrialization in Africa.

Who can apply, and how?



  • Open to startups from all African countries across all stages of development.
  • Teams must demonstrate clear alignment with a chosen challenge sector and relevant SDGs.
  • Solutions must be scalable, impactful, and have a strong potential for user adoptio



Application Process:

  • Startups can submit detailed applications online outlining their solution, team details, and impact potential.
  • Shortlisted teams will be invited to pitch their solutions at the InnovateAfrika Tech Summit.
  • Final winners will be chosen by a panel of renowned judges from the tech, business, and development sectors.


Pitch Competition Timeline

Applications open:

January 15, 2024

Application deadline:

April 30, 2024

Shortlisting and

May-June 2024

Finals pitching &
Winners announced:

InnovateAfrika Tech Summit 2024 (Aug 2024)